About Us

At Koverco we offer a full range of premium quality Inks, made with the finest raw material applying the highest standards of the industry. Regardless of the substrate, you need to print on, every product we manufacture is designed to satisfy a variety of specific demands from our customers.
UV-cured Inks has become quite popular during the last decade or so, it’s the choice of preference over solvent-based and similar types for most digital printing companies. Thanks to the UV curing formula, drying is only possible when exposing the substance to ultraviolet light; this procedure creates an elegant, high quality and unfading coating layer that contains no nocive organic chemicals.
Also, the efficiency of UV-cured Inks makes them perfect to apply on numerous surfaces ranging from ceramic or glass to thin films and so on.
As a matter of fact, for us NUtec Digital the increasing development in UV curable ink technologies keeps opening creative doors for us to experiment in the creation of new and exciting products for our clients every day.

Our Products

Digital Ink Excellence

NUtec® has a global reputation as an innovative partner in the graphic arts, textile and industrial inkjet printing markets. Backed by a highly specialized research and development team and state of the art facilities, NUtec:

• Produces digital UV curable, water based and solvent inkjet inks for single-pass and multi-pass systems.

• Is an approved digital ink manufacturer for original equipment manufacturers.

•Has distribution partners in over 80 countries.

UV-cured Inks
NUtec’s Ruby, Amethyst and Quartz ranges of UV-curable digital inks are designed for either roll-to-roll, hybrid or rigid printer applications with either Mercury or LED curing systems.
Water-based Inks
The Aquamarine range of water-based digital inks are designed for dye sublimation transfer applications onto polyester-based substrates including textiles, garments, flags and banners.
Eco-solvent Inks
NUtec’s range of eco-solvent digital inks offers low smell, superior abrasion and chemical resistance, while providing excellent media compatibility across a broad range of self-adhesive and flexible substrates.
Environment Responsible Inks
The Emerald ink range consists of Environment Responsible Product (ERP) inks offering a greener solution for the environment, as they contain no hazardous air pollutants and are safer for the operator environment.
Mild Solvent Inks

NUtec’s range of mild solvent ink is cost-effective and robust offering good reliability with excellent media compatibility across a broad range of self-adhesive and flexible substrates.
Inkproink Specialty Inks

Inkproink specializes in excellent quality inks for specific applications for specific needs.