About Us:
Kover is a multi-national corporation that is headquartered in Miami, Florida and currently has offices in Seoul, Korea; Shanghai, China; and Caracas, Venezuela.
We are a Master distributor of widely known brands and products in the sign, decoration and security product industry.

These products and brands include but are not limited to lines like Nutec Digital Inks or DGI printers, as well as decoration product lines like Infeel, FIX PIX, and POV. In addition Kover is also a Master distributor of security products that include SVS, Premier, etc... .We are also product developers for specific and exclusive customers and markets.

Our History:
Kover was founded in 1989 with offices in Seoul, Korea and Caracas, Venezuela. In 1999 Kover moved its operation to the USA. Today we are headquartered in Miami, Florida.

How and What We Do:
Master Distribution: We are Master Distributors of all different kinds of products around the world.  We have an open commitment with Latin American and USA markets for their products through local and international dealers and sub-dealers.
We explore the best possible dealers and opportunities in each of the countries and work hand in hand with these dealers in order to build the prospective markets.

OEM Product Development Services:  We select the best and most suitable manufacturers of different kinds of products around the world to develop OEM and private label products for our customers.
We have been involved in the acquisition of private labels for important companies in different industries. To mention a few: Elite Sign Products from Tubelite Company in USA and in Venezuela, Key Banner from Grimco in the USA, Premier Generators and LED products in Venezuela, Ciao hand bags in Venezuela, etc.



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